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horned melon cocktail
  • Horned Melon is also known as: Kiwano, African Horned Cucumber or Jelly Melon
  • Origin and cultivation: originally from Africa, introduced to Australia and New Zealand in the early...
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Ergot is a fungus that contains a precursor of LSD (a chemical called ergotamine) and grows on barley. By law, a small amount is allowed. Sometimes there will be enough ergot with the natural...

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  • Shiso is a green herb also known as: Perilla, Purple Mint, Beefsteak Plant, Chinese Basil, Deulkkae, Wild Coleus or Silam
  • Origin and cultivation: herb in the mint family especially...
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Everyone has an aunt, a great uncle or a cousin over 90 years old who never dieted and, on top of it, drinks and smokes every day. Don't you have an old cool relative who really knows how to enjoy...

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Two wrongs don't make a right – they make one hell of a good time! On a similar note, always remember that you are not really having a good time unless the cops are involved or you find yourself...

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10 slices of bacon, cut into inch long pieces
6 pounds of boneless kosher chicken
1/2 cup of olive oil
2 shots of cognac
Chambertin wine or if you can't afford it, a decent...

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