Because being healthy pays off when you're old while eating delicious food pays off RIGHT NOW!

This dish is highly sensitive to nanosynchronic vibrations in the air caused by amplitude and frequency modulated sound waves, ultraviolet light rays, or accelerated photons. Simply put, the...

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"To be or not to be, that is the question." -William Shakespeare
"You are what you eat" -Anonymous. Therefore, by substitution, the real question is: To eat or not to eat? What the hell...

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3 eggs
1 cup flour
1 cup water
dash of salt
1 tablespoon of butter

1 egg
8 ounces of softened cream cheese
8 ounces of...

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4 large Midwestern potatoes
2 large onions
six cloves of garlic
1 pound of fresh cod
1 cup heavy cream
1 small spoon of cornstarch or 1 egg yolk
olive oil...

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The phrase "Food without Guilt" is all over the popular magazines and cookbooks. But, why would you ever feel guilty? You want it. You know you want it. Why deny yourself? Who are you trying...

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We were once accosted by an animal rights activist who was against all meat consumption. We asked her what her diet consisted of and she told us only vegetables, greens and grains. When it...

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