Because being healthy pays off when you're old while eating delicious food pays off RIGHT NOW!

  • Cactus Pear is also known as: Prickly Pear, Tuna, Indian Fig, Indian Pear or Barbary Fig
  • Origin and cultivation: Native to Mexico and surrounding regions
  • Availability: year-...
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When you come to a fork in the road, pick it up and start eating!

4 lamb loin chops (about 1.5 pound total)
½ pound of feta cheese in ½ inch cubes
¼ cup chopped fresh mint...

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2 spoons of olive oil
3 1/2 pounds of leg of lamb, cut into large cubes
1 pureed skinned and seeded tomato
6 new potatoes and carrots, carved into oval shapes
16 pearl...

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12 lamb chops, at least 1.5 inches thick
1 ounce of Gorgonzola, crumbled
salt and freshly ground pepper

Cut each chop horizontally at its vertical midpoint, leaving the ends of...

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leftRepression is the fickle mother of sloppy rebellion. A strong, brave few continue to use heavy cream, butter, rendered fat, salt, sugar, and whole milk. Thank you for joining the Eat Dangerously revolution.