Because being healthy pays off when you're old while eating delicious food pays off RIGHT NOW!

This particular gumbo so rich and comforting because that it is thickened in 5 ways:
1) gelatin from the chicken bones
2) pectin from the tomatoes
3) gluten from the flour roux...

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"Attention to health is life's greatest hindrance." -Plato Wisdom of the ages!!! What our boy Plato is trying to tell you is that all the time you spend thinking about your health and how to...

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OK, this anti-smoking thing is way out of control. First it was buildings, then restaurants, now you are expected to go a fourteen-hour flight without a cigarette. As Fletcher Knebel said, "...

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1 matsutake mushroom
1 cup of Japanese rice
1 tablespoon of soy sauce
2 tablespoons of mirin (a Japanese sweet rice wine used for cooking)
1 1/4 cup of water

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leftRepression is the fickle mother of sloppy rebellion. A strong, brave few continue to use heavy cream, butter, rendered fat, salt, sugar, and whole milk. Thank you for joining the Eat Dangerously revolution.